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Kimbo Slice No Longer Fighting for ProElite / EliteXC

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

According to Sports Illustrated Magazine, ProElite, the partnership between CBS, Showtime and EliteXC has gone out of business. Apparently after Showtime was unable to obtain the percentage of ownership that it wished to gain in the company, the funding for the media company ProElite began to dry up, forcing the company to go out of business. The last promotion viewers increased from 2.7 million up to 4.5 million for the Shamrock vs Slice fight, however, the opening night gained the most viewers back in May of 2008 with 6.5 million viewers total. The cost of $500,000 for both Kimbo Slice and Andrew Arlovski each had something to do with it? Well, the numbers seem a bit steep compared to the $170,000 that the UFC gave Arlovski at UFC 82 to fight Jake O’Brien.

Ken Shamrock Weigh In Picture EliteXC Heat

Ken Shamrock Weigh In Picture EliteXC Heat