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Kimbo Slice 305 Signature Tee by TapOut

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

305 Kid, Miami Florida, Dade County is where the King of the Streets got his fame backyard brawlin’. Now he’s made his way onto the big screen PPV and is going to take on Matt Mitrione at UFC 113.  Pick up the latest design from TapOut which features 305 in OE (that’s Old English for those of you who are not Street Certified).  This TapOut shirt comes in all sizes from M – 3XL for the big guys.  Pick it up for just $27.99.


Kimbo Slice “Punch Out” Nintendo Inspired Tee

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Just when you thought that the TapOut Jens Pulver’s NES “Punch Out” Inspired T-Shirt was one of the sickest MMA t-shirts, TapOut created a “Punch Out” inspired t-shirt for the King of the Streets, Kimbo Slice.  The tee features Kimbo in 8 bit, wearing his trademark bling and do-rag.  Kimbo’s hunched over looking much like King Hippo, in the background is the TapOut logo and 5000 points.  The back of the shirt features an American Eagle and the words “All Day”.

Buy Online – $27.99

TapOut Kimbo Slice “Big Skull” With a Do Rag and Beard T-Shirt

Friday, September 25th, 2009

TapOut has rolled out some hot Kimbo tee’s as a co-promotion with “The Ultimate Fighter” tv show.  One of the most impressive designs yet is this Kimbo Slice “Big Skull” t-shirt design.  The skull is rocking the classic Kimbo Slice thick beard along with a TapOut Do Rag that Kimbo has been rocking on the TUF television show.  The only way this shirt could get hotter is with a phat ass gold chain.  For $23.99, this shirt is off the hook and will soon be off the for sale rack.  A must buy for Kimbo fans.

Price: $23.99


TapouT’s New Kimbo Slice “The Streets” T-Shirt

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

With Kimbo Slice being all the hype of this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF), TapOut has decided to release some new Kimbo Slice T-Shirt.  Maybe they knew something we don’t know, yet?  Well, we’re all waiting to see how Kimbo does, all 4.1 million of us.  The premier of TUF was a record 4.1 million viewers, compared to second runner up 2.8 million. Can you say… “Kimbo Fans United”?

To celebrate TUF’s record number of viewers for the premier this past Wednesday, let’s check out this new tee.

Kimbo Slice Tapout shirt

New Kimbo The Streets Shirt Tapout

Price: $23.99


Which Kimbo Slice TapOut MMA Gear is the Hottest?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

TapOut has come out with four different Kimbo Slice articles of clothing. The ghetto ass Kimbo “All Day” T-shirt, the Kimbo Skull (Doomsday) Tee, a red death zip up hoodie and the Doomsday Kimbo hoodie. Of these choices, which do you think is the best?

Kimbo Slice MMA Clothing Gear

TapouT Kimbo Slice Red Death Zip Up Hoodie – $55.99

Kimbo Doomsday Hoodie

TapouT Kimbo Slice Doomsday Zip Up Hoodie – $55.99

Kimbo Slice EliteXC Heat Tapout Blue and Yellow T-Shirt – Bahamas

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

TapOut’s got the idea now… For EliteXC Heat Kimbo Slice along with his training partners wore a Blue and Yellow TapOut T-Shirt.  The background color of the t-shirt was solid blue and the lettering yellow, representing the Bahamas.  The shirt was much like the TapOut Shirt below, but with yellow lettering instead of white.  We hope to find a place to buy this unique blue and yellow Kimbo Slice EliteXC tshirt.  There are some similar Tapout Sport and Short Sleeve T-shirts, but not quite the Bahamas style.  As soon as we do, we’ll post the link.

TapOut Blue T-shirt Short Sleeves

TapOut Blue T-shirt Short Sleeves

Got Kimbo? Kimbo Slice Ebay T-Shirt of the Weak, I mean Week

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Here’s another weak Kimbo t-shirt, “Got Kimbo?”.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but what’s this have to do with Kimbo Slice, or even MMA for that matter?  Got Kimbo? Got Milk? Got No Good Ideas?  I don’t get it.  And for $18.99 on and Ebay, I won’t get it.

Got Kimbo Tee Shirt

Got Kimbo Tee Shirt

TapOut Kimbo Slice Doomsday Dooms Day Skull T-Shirt and Hoodie

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Alright, now we’re talking, here’s a nice Kimbo Slice t-shirt design from the guys at TapOut. The last Kimbo TapOut T-shirt that we posted was lacking a lot in the design. This one on the other hand, is much more interesting. The Kimbo skill with the infamous Kimbo chain, is off the chain. The Green, yellow and Red TapOut logo though, I’m not sure if I’m getting it. Those colors remind me more of an African flag, particularly the flags of Guinea, Mali or Ghana. Kimbo’s from the Bahamas, I would like to see the yellow and blue colors with the TapOut logo instead. Other than that, it’s a pretty dope tee and you can buy it from these guys, just type “kimbo” in their search box.

Kimbo Slice Doomsday Tapout T-Shirt

TapouT Kimbo Slice Doomsday T-Shirt – $23.99

ghana flag

ghana flag

TapOut Clothing – Kimbo Slice “All Day” T-Shirt is Bootleg as Hell

Friday, September 26th, 2008

TapOut’s now jumping on the marketing train of Kimbo Slice, and I’m all for it. This time it’s with their “All Day” Kimbo Slice T-shirt. But, quite honestly, I’m not impressed with this shirt. I really expected better from TapOut. They have a lot of great t-shirt designs, but this just isn’t one of them. First off, there’s too much going on with this shirt. TapOut is neglecting to use the negative space of this shirt productively, it’s simply overwhelming. Secondly, the design just isn’t there. The deal breaker here is… it looks like one of the bootleg shirts. I could easily have mistaken this for a custom design by a few hustler’s who printed a couple hundred shirts and sold in the parking lot of an EliteXC event. For $25, I’m not buying it.

TapOut Kimbo Slice All Day T-Shirt

TapouT Kimbo Slice All Day T-Shirt – $23.99