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Kimbo Slice vs Roy “Big Country” Nelson Fight Video Sneak Peek

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Spike TV has released a sneak peek of the Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson fight that is soon to air on Spike TV this Wednesday.  See Kimbo’s and Roy’s team mates opinions about the fight, go inside and see each fighter train with their coaches and get ready for one of the best headliners in TUF history.

Sean Gannon vs Kimbo Slice Seen and Never Seen Before Videos

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Years ago Kimbo Slice had a very close fight with UFC fighter Sean Gannon.  The ending was controversial, but it seems that Sean got the better of Kimbo.  Watch the original underground fight video and be sure to watch the new unseen footage of the post fight.  Gannon is hurting!

Classic Kimbo Slice Fight, Kimbo vs Adrian (Adryan)

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Here’s a classic Kimbo Slice backyard brawl video.  Adrian walks into the gates of the backyard like a true Billy Badass, Chest up high, arms out to the side because he’s so jacked.  My man Billy lacks skill, but has heart as he flares his arms in the air praying to land a shot.  Kimbo works his midsection some and works around him.  After taking some punishment, Adrian retreats, Kimbo slams him one more time in the head and he drops, game over, he’s out cold by a cheap last minute shot.  I’m sure it wasn’t worth the few bucks he made…

Kimbo Slice Tackles (TRUCKS) Fool for $100 Video

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Yet another moron pulls a stunt involving pain inflicted by Kimbo Slice for $100.  This time it involves a fool trying to catch a pass and run up the middle with Kimbo Slice as the defender.  This dude gets totally trucked!  Fast forward a bit for the action… totally laid out, I think he needs medical attention.

October 4th, Kimbo Slice versus Ken Shamrock EliteXC Preview Video

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

On October 4th, the King of the Streets, Kimbo Slice will take on UFC Legend Ken Shamrock at EliteXC Saturday Night Fights.  Kimbo Slice has been making his way up the latter from street fights to professional bouts against a variety of better known MMA fighters.  In the past, his endurance was questioned, in the present, his endurance was questioned.  Will he fair well against this UFC vet, or will his stamina get in the way?

Two Morons Get Punched By Kimbo in the Streets for $100

Monday, September 29th, 2008

This guy is nuts, he gets punched right in the leg, Charlie horse style by Kimbo for $100 bucks for an adult  show called “Money Talks”, which gives people money for doing crazy stuff.  These two guys were approached by the host of the show asked if they would take $25.00 bucks each to get a Charlie Horse by their “Little Friend”.  The negotiating took place and eventually they agreed to $100.00 each, they then found out that her little friend was Kimbo.  To lessen the blow, Kimbo Slice explains that he’s going to throw a “hook” to leg.  After receiving a hook to the leg, the first victim drops to the ground.  The second victim with apprehension steps to the plate and collapses just like his friend.

Classic Kimbo Slice Backyard Street Fight Video

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

This is without a doubt a classic Kimbo Slice street fight, one of the best and memorable ones out there. From the start of the fight, Kimbo comes out throwing straight punches, clinches with his opponent several times and throws him to the ground with ease. After witnessing the power of Kimbo, his opponent does not wish to continue, but in true Kimbo fashion he states “Bring it!”. Kimbo then let’s the man he’s fighting hit him in the face multiple times and says, “Is that all you got?”. My goodness! Kimbo then catches him with a solid right hook and drops him leaving him with a huge mouse above his eye. Game over.