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Bas Rutten Talks About Kimbo Slice EliteXC Loss

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Everyone knows that it was a very weird day.  An hour before Bas Rutten and Kimbo Slice left to go to the fight, they found out that everything changed, he was no longer fighting a ground fighter, and now a striker.  To make things stranger, he was caught with a strange punch just in the right place and Kimbo went down, a total fluke as Bas is suggesting.

Regarding all of the Kimbo comments, Bas says that the negative comments are all too much.  The media has really blown him up and he’s not ready for headlines yet, but that’s where he has been placed… But he has a lot to learn and doesn’t deserve all of the negative comments, because he didn’t ask to be put on such a high place.  Regarding a rematch, Bas doesn’t want to see it.  He would like to see Kimbo work his way up to the top before being put in such a place.