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TapouT’s New Kimbo Slice “The Streets” T-Shirt

With Kimbo Slice being all the hype of this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF), TapOut has decided to release some new Kimbo Slice T-Shirt.  Maybe they knew something we don’t know, yet?  Well, we’re all waiting to see how Kimbo does, all 4.1 million of us.  The premier of TUF was a record 4.1 million viewers, compared to second runner up 2.8 million. Can you say… “Kimbo Fans United”?

To celebrate TUF’s record number of viewers for the premier this past Wednesday, let’s check out this new tee.

Kimbo Slice Tapout shirt

New Kimbo The Streets Shirt Tapout

Price: $23.99


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