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TapOut Kimbo Slice “Big Skull” With a Do Rag and Beard T-Shirt

September 25th, 2009

TapOut has rolled out some hot Kimbo tee’s as a co-promotion with “The Ultimate Fighter” tv show.  One of the most impressive designs yet is this Kimbo Slice “Big Skull” t-shirt design.  The skull is rocking the classic Kimbo Slice thick beard along with a TapOut Do Rag that Kimbo has been rocking on the TUF television show.  The only way this shirt could get hotter is with a phat ass gold chain.  For $23.99, this shirt is off the hook and will soon be off the for sale rack.  A must buy for Kimbo fans.

Price: $23.99


TapouT’s New Kimbo Slice “The Streets” T-Shirt

September 20th, 2009

With Kimbo Slice being all the hype of this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF), TapOut has decided to release some new Kimbo Slice T-Shirt.  Maybe they knew something we don’t know, yet?  Well, we’re all waiting to see how Kimbo does, all 4.1 million of us.  The premier of TUF was a record 4.1 million viewers, compared to second runner up 2.8 million. Can you say… “Kimbo Fans United”?

To celebrate TUF’s record number of viewers for the premier this past Wednesday, let’s check out this new tee.

Kimbo Slice Tapout shirt

New Kimbo The Streets Shirt Tapout

Price: $23.99


Kimbo Slice Talking “The Ultimate Fighter” and Brock Lesnar on Fox Sports

September 17th, 2009

Even though Rashad Evans and Quinton Rampage Jackson are on UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show featured on Spike TV, many suggest that Kimbo Slice is overshadowing these amazing fighter’s with his presence as a contestant.  Kimbo states that the UFC is the NFL of MMA, everyone’s trying to be apart of the UFC and that’s where he wants to be.  And while speaking of the NFL, Kimbo participated with 3 different former NFL players while on the show.  Will he make it to the end… we’ll just have to watch.

To hear Kimbo’s take on Brock, check out part 1 of the video.

Kimbo Slice Wants to Harm your PC, Use Norton Antivirus – Commercial

September 10th, 2009

Rashad Evans shocked the MMA community when he promoted Windows in a Microsoft commercial several months back.  Now Kimbo’s shocking us with his featured appearance in a Norton Internet Security commercial and website promo from Symantec.

Kimbo Slice The Ultimate Fighter Sneak Peek Video

August 9th, 2009

Kimbo Slice will be on the upcoming season of the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter television show on Spike.  But you won’t have to wait until November to get a sneak peek at some Kimbo Slice footage from the show.  Check out the video from ESPN below.

Dana White Talks About Kimbo Slice on The Ultimate Fighter 10

June 18th, 2009

Dana White was recently on the Carmichael Dave Show and had a few words to say about Kimbo Slice being on the new season of The Ultimate Fighter 10.  According to Dana, Kimbo came on the set looking serious as hell.  He is totally stepping up and wants to prove himself to be legit.  According to Dana, he gives him a lot of respect and can see that Kimbo is set on winning TUF 10.  Listen to the video below.

Kimbo Slice Making His Way Into the UFC – TUF 10

June 4th, 2009

On September 16th, The Ultimate Fight 10 will air and to everyone’s surprise, Kimbo Slice will be apart of the cast.  Dana White has send it for years, the only way he will let Kimbo into the UFC is if Kimbo goes on TUF.  Well it’s happening.  Check out the proof.  Time to get bread son!

Kimbo Slice UFC The Ultimate Fighter Cast

Kimbo Slice UFC

Team Kimbo Slice Boxing Arcade Video Game Machine

January 9th, 2009

PrimeTime Amusements came up with their own unique customized Arcade Game Boxing machine.  And guess who’s apart of the marketing?  None other than Kimbo Slice.  If you’re interested in picking one up, head over to PrimeTime.

Kimbo Slice Custom Boxing Arcade Machine Video Game
Kimbo Slice Custom Boxing Arcade Machine Video Game

Kimbo Slice Arrives in Japan for K-1 Fight Tonight

December 6th, 2008

Tonight Kimbo Slice will be a guest commentator for the Japanese K-1 Fight. Below is a picture of Kimbo arriving at the Narita Airport making his way over to the K-1 Yokohoma Arena for tonight’s bout. He’s wearing a “Team Kimbo” sweatshirt along with the Island’s Pride Hawaiian Flag Chain Link Tapout T-Shirt with all of the Hawaiian Islands on it. Pretty awesome tee.

Kimbo Slice K-1 in Japan Tapout Hawaii

Kimbo Slice K-1 in Japan